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A First Aid Beauty Product That’s Truly FAB

Hello, my lovelies!

Have you tried any First Aid Beauty products yet?  If not, you’re missing out.  Everything I’ve tried by them has been amazing but this week, I discovered the best one of all.

Allow me to introduce you to First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads.

Image result for first aid beauty radiance padsThis has got to be one of the very best skincare products I’ve ever used.  I’d heard some buzz on them and decided to give them a try after reading a review that they helped with your skin texture.

While I have normal skin that’s (thankfully) usually free of breakouts, I do have issues with texture.  It just doesn’t didn’t feel as smooth as I wanted it to.  I also felt like my skin had become dull.  Then there’s the issue of the milia bumps (little white bumps under the skin) scattered across my face.  Which I hate.

In the two days I’ve used this product, my skin has already dramatically changed.  It’s smooth and soft.  Any rough patches are completely evened out.  And while the milia bumps aren’t gone, they’re already greatly reduced.  All this when I’ve only used it 2 days!

Another additional benefit I’ve noticed is that skin finally has some glow on it’s own.  After using these pads, I can honestly say my skin looks radiant.  This benefit alone would keep me a devoted buyer.

I can’t believe the difference this has already made in my skin.  It’s a product I plan to keep stocked up on.  I never want to lose the awesome benefits these radiance pads have given me!

They are pricey… selling for $15 for 28 or $30 for 60 at Sephora.  But I’ve been cutting my pads in half and this doubles how long they’ll last.  You can easily stretch half of a pad to cover your full face.

Do you have any fabulous skin care products to share about?  What skincare product can you not go without?






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