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My Most Important Beauty Ritual: Spending Time With God


Good Morning, my lovelies!

The above picture could actually be of me having my bible time except my coffee has much more cream in it… you could say I like a little coffee in my milk! But my bible does have underlined passages and I do love times when I can settle in a cozy place with a blanket, my bible and something yummy to drink.

I want to talk to you today about what I consider to be my most important beauty ritual.  Inner beauty is the beauty that never fades.  It’s what makes you shine from within.  It gives you a radiance no highlighter can ever deliver.  It makes you lovable to others and gives you the traits they always remember about you.  It’s what matters most in the whole scheme of life.

While I love makeup, skincare, pretty clothes and beautiful home décor, it all takes a backseat to what truly makes a woman beautiful.  I fully believe it’s perfectly okay to enjoy all of those things.  After all, God created women and He put the desire in them for beautiful things!  But those things do not offer you the sense of contentment and peace that pursuing inner beauty does.

But exactly how do you pursue inner beauty?  How do you place more value on the loveliness of your heart than your outward appearance?  One of the best ways is to spend time with God.

This can look different for everyone.  There’s no one right or exact formula to follow.  For me, it means finding a time in my day when I can sit down and block out everything going on around me and just be with God.  I usually have some sort of bible study I’m working through.  I’ll do a lesson in that and look up any related scripture to help me have a better understanding.  I write down anything that I feel God is impressing on my heart.  I want to remember everything He says to me because it’s sacred and I often look back on past things I feel God has said or shown me, especially when I need encouragementt.  And while I pray throughout my day, I sometimes take time to write in a prayer journal during this time.  I just try to absorb all the serentity and peace God gives me during this time.

Spending regular time with God increases your inner beauty.  You’ll soon notice you’re less judgmental. You’re more caring and compassionate.  You begin looking for the good in life instead of the bad.  You have more kindness to share with others.  Your heart is softer.

I try my best to have a daily time with God but there’re days this doesn’t work out.  Life is busy.  But I will say that days that I can meet with God are better days and I’m better for it.  If I miss a couple days in a row, I can feel it and sadly, sometimes I can see it in my actions.  I may not have as much love and kindness toward others like I do when I’m spending time with God regularly.  I need this time or any inner beauty I have can begin to fade.  😦  I’ll never be perfect because I’m human.  But I can strive to be Christlike and to do that, I have to seek out closeness to God.

And while inner beauty certainly occurs when you spend time with God, that’s not my motivation.  If there is any inner beauty in me, it’s just a bonus.  The true blessing is that I feel such joy and contentment in my heart when I spend time with Him.  And that can’t help but spill out onto others!

I’d love to talk with any of you who have questions or comments.  Any decision in how you feel about God or your beliefs is deeply personal and I respect that.  But I’m here and open to chatting if you’re curious about my relationship with God.  I will tell you that it’s a relationship that’s available to anyone who wants to have it.

May God bless each of you today.







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