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August Beauty Empties!

I love empties videos, don’t you?  Seeing what other people are using up and what’s been hiding in their showers and vanities, making them look as gorgeous as they do.  I always feel like when someone does an empties video then you’re getting the real scoop on the product.  They used it up so they’ve obviously got a firm opinion on it.  It’s not like a first impression where they think they might know their opinion but actually feel quite differently about it after trying it out a few times.

I’m not quite brave enough to make a video for you yet- but maybe that will come in time. 🙂  So for now, I’m doing a blog post about my August empties.  These are the products I completely finished up in the month of August and my honest opinions about them, good or bad.  I hope it’s helpful to you!


I’ve been so excited to share these with you!  I think “empties” may be one of my favorite blog posts to write.  The fantastic, the fair and the fails, so here we go.

#1- Bed Head TIGI Resurrection Shampoo, Damage Level 3: This is a great shampoo.  It’s one I’ve repurchased several times over.  First of all, it smells so good!  I want to call it a creamy berry smell but others might describe it differently.  Don’t you agree that it’s not as easy to find a fabulously smelling shampoo and conditioner as it used to be?  My husband loves this shampoo because it smells so delish so he shares it with me.  In addition to the fab fragrance, it leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable.  So it’s definitely a fantastic!

#2- Baath & Body Works Beach Nights Ultra Shea Body Cream- Girls- RUN- Don’t walk– to your nearest Bath & Body Works or head to Bath & Body Works online and snatch this up before it’s packed away for fall.  It’s the scent I’ve worn most this summer.  It’s described as having notes of toasted marshmallow, sea salt breeze and s’mores.  There’s also lighter notes of vanilla and coconut which is probably why I can’t resist it, since I always fall for that combo in fragrance in the summer.  All I know is it’s sweet, creamy and I can’t get enough of it.  I’m not ready to pack this away till next summer!  It’s a fantastic.

#3- Pure Silk Shaving Cream in Cherry Blossom: I have to be fair here.  I’ve never found a shaving cream or gel that I just fell head over heels in love with.  This one’s ok.  It has a light fragrance that’s nice enough.  I honestly bought it cause it was cheap and I had a coupon on top of that.  I’d rate it fair.

#4- Crest Prohealth Sensitivity & Enamel Shield:  Let’s talk toothpaste for sensitivity.    I liked it and it had a pleasant but not overpowering flavor.  It did help my sensitivity and I felt good about buying a name I trust.  So I’d rate it fair to fantastic.

#5- Mac Pro Eye Makeup Remover: This is the tiny little purple bottle you can’t read the label on in the picture.  I got it as a sample when I bought a Mac lipstick this month.  And it’s okay but not the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever uses.  I certainly wouldn’t pay $22 for it when a $5 bottle from Target works just as well. So, a fail.

Moving into empty makeup products….

#6- Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner In Innocent (032): I really like Rimmel lip liners and eye liners.  They’re pretty much my go-to in those categories of makeup.  I love that they’re the twist up variety rather than ones that need to be sharpened.  This lip liner works well at preventing feathering, allows me to enhance the shape of my lips and is a beautiful nude color.  Totally fantastic!

#7- Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Liner in Blackest Black (262): This works well for me, is very economical and swivels up nicely.  I have a fear of eyeliners that you sharpen.  What if one of those little wood chips falls into my eye?  So, I stay with this variety and all is well in my world of eyeliner application.  It doesn’t smear and wears for hours.  Fantastic!

#8- Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde: This’s a nice little eyebrow pencil and one that can be used no matter what your color of brows.  I worked as a Mary Kay Consultant for several years and customers were always surprised how seamlessly this blended and filled in their brows, no matter if they were blonde, brunette or another shade.  As you can see, I’ve almost used it up completely.  It’s good.  However, I have to be honest…my heart now belongs to Anastatia Beverly Hills when it comes to brow products, making my rating for this one hover between fair to fantastic.

#9- L’Oréal Color Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude: This’s a pretty color that I wore a lot.  I could play up the nude with a nude liner or give it a pink tint by using a pale pink liner.  The only reason I’m tossing it is I used it when I was sick and don’t wish to reinfect myself.  However, it does have a chemically smell I didn’t care for so I can only rate it as fair.

Did you enjoy this?  Would you like to see more empties posts in the future?  I’d LOVE to hear your experiences with products!  And please shoot me a comment on what shaving cream or gel is your fave since I’ve never found one of my own. 🙂

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