Transitioning Your Nail Colors For Fall

I’m beyond excited to get to pack away my coral and fuchsia nail colors until next spring!  While I love them and I’m sure I’ll be missing them come January when all is dark and dreary, I’m ready for fall nails.

If you haven’t shopped for fall nail colors yet, here’re 4 to inspire you that I can’t get enough of.  I hope at least 1 of them catches your eye:


From left: CND Vinylux in Chiffon Twirl, Essie in Sable Collar, OPI in I Sao Paulo Over There & Zoya in Asia.

I’m in love with all of them!  I currently have the CND Vinylux in Chiffon Twirl on my nails and I cannot get enough of it.  It’s the most beautiful rose gold I’ve ever seen.  When I ordered it, I was a little hesitant because I worried that it would be over the top glittery but it really isn’t.  It is metallic but not so much that I feel self-conscious about it.  I figured if nothing else, I could wear it around the holidays but I’m finding it so beautiful I want to wear it all the time.  I have a feeling it’s going to be my 2016 fall favorite.  Here’s a picture of it on my nails… isn’t it just gorgeous?!!!


One thing to note about the CND Vinylux is that it’s a gel hybrid which means it’s a long lasting gel like polish made for at home manicures.  It’s done without the need of lights but you do need the special top coat that goes with it.  However, it can be used over every CND Vinylux polish so it’s an investment.

The next color over in my top photo is OPI’s I Sao Paulo Over There and it’s lovely as well.  It was the nail polish I couldn’t get enough of last fall!  It’s the perfect taupe-greige and a beautiful neutral that goes with everything.

Essie’s Sable Collar is described as a “pearlescent cocoa plum” and that’s an accurate way to capture the essence of it.  It’s currently on my toes.  I like to go a little darker with my toenails and this’s perfect.

Lastly, we have Zoya in Asia.  I just purchased this and have never worn a Zoya nail polish before so I’m really excited to try this one out.  I think it’ll be perfect to wear this fall as well as on through on New Year’s Eve and even Valentine’s Day.  It’s described as a crisp yet creamy red, which sounds absolutely dreamy!

Now  it’s your turn to share with me.  What’s on your nails these days?  I can’t wait to hear what you’re loving!  I love talking beauty with you!


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