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How I Keep My Home Smelling Yummy

Hello my lovelies!

I love a home that smells pleasant and inviting.  I want a fragrance in my home that welcomes you back and has your visitors dying to know exactly how you keep your home smelling so fabulous.

I’ve found the secret.  It comes packaged like this:


It’s Bath & Body Works Candles!  They’re AMAZING!

I’ve tried a LOT of candles and so many of them have not lived up to their reputation.  Yankee Candle, Candleberry & Swan Creek were sadly all failures. They did have a nice scent but you couldn’t smell it if you were more than 3 foot away.  I want my home to have a widespread fragrance.  I expect the scent of a candle to linger throughout several rooms and Bath & Body Works is the only brand I’ve found that delivers that.

Like all candles, they’re pricey.  BUT Bath & Body Works has the most fabulous sales.  While the regular price of a 3 wick candle is $22.50, they’re often on sale for 40% or 50% off AND you can combine a coupon code with the sale.  I’ve never paid full price for a candle and often get them as low as $7, $8 or $9 with the sale and coupon code combined.  So when they’re on sale, I stock up!


These candles are so wonderfully scented that you can actually smell them just by opening the cabinet I store them in, even with all of them closed tightly.

They have scents for each individual season as well as candles that’re appropriate for year round.  I tend to go for scents that smell like baked goods and other yummy treats which Bath & Body Works carries a good selection of.  They also have florals, citrus and other varieties so you’re sure to find some you love.  And they’re packaged so beautifully!  Not only do they make your home smell wonderful, they’re perfect to use as part of your décor.

These are a few of my current favorites: Strawberry Cupcake, Buttercream Icing and Leaves, which is actually a scent made up of a awesome apple and clove mixture.


I hope you find some you love at Bath & Body Works, too.



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