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The Light Between Oceans: A Book Review


Hey, Lovelies!

I want to tell you about an amazing book I just finished.  You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of “The Light Between Oceans” by now.  It was a New York Times Bestseller when it was first released and is having a second round of popularity thanks to the fact it’s been made into a major motion picture, which is now playing.

The previews of the movie look amazing.  I’m dying to see it!  But before I see the movie, I wanted to read the book.

And before I delve into the actual plot of the book, can we just talk about the book cover for a minute?  Isn’t it beautiful?  This honestly looks like it could just pull you in to the time period and the story- and indeed it did.

The story is about the life and love of Tom Shelbourne and Isabel Greysmark.  Tom has recently returned from The First World War and all he wants is quiet and serenity to soothe his soul and help him forget the horrors of what he’s seen and done so he takes a job on Janus Rock as a Lighthouse Keeper.  He didn’t count on fiery, magnetic Isabel (Izzy) stealing his heart.

The two marry and begin their life together.  As the years pass, Izzy is confronted with the heartbreak of miscarriages.  Her heart yearns to be a mother more than anything else in the world.  When a baby literally washes ashore in a boat, she feels that’s fate’s way of giving her what she most desires.  Tom, ever the moral man, is conflicted at what he should do.

As time begins to pass, the consequences of their choice begin to wreck havoc in their lives.  Your heart will be torn as you read this.  You’ll feel for Tom who was so divided between his duty and his wife.  You’ll hurt for Izzy who loves little Lucy with every breath she takes.  And you’ll grieve for the time the natural mother has lost with her daughter.

If you’re looking for a book that’s captivating, pick this one up!  You can find at bookstores everywhere or order it directly from Amazon.


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