Products That Work Well For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be a pain.  Itching and hives are a threat that’s never far away when you have this skin condition.  While I don’t have it, my daughter does and I’ve been through rounds of breakouts, ER visits and various medications with her as we tried to determine what set her skin off.  While you don’t always know what made your skin go crazy (and isn’t that the frustrating irony of it?), you can choose a product line up that’s less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

There’s never a guarantee that a product won’t irritate your skin but these are some that’re less likely to do so.  It’s a product line up we’ve found that works for Kaeli.  Some of the products were recommended by her pediatrician and others were found through trial and error.


First, let’s talk about laundry products for sensitive skin.  These’re the two types of laundry detergent I use.  I never try other types because doing so can mean a flare up of hives for her.  She also does well with these fabric softener sheets.  They have a light fragrance that I’m thankful she can tolerate.



Next up are the shower essentials that work well for her.  I’ve never known anyone with sensitive skin that couldn’t use Dove products, although I’m sure they’re individuals who can’t even tolerate that.  Thankfully, they work wonderfully for Kaeli.  She also uses Dove Body Wash for Sensitive Skin as her shaving cream because every true shaving cream she’s tried has caused a break out.  Razors are something of a trigger for her sensitive skin, too.  We bought these Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razors on a whim a few months ago and all of her shaving issues were over.  They’re a bit pricey but it’s well worth it to keep her skin calm and comfortable.



Lastly, these’re the moisturizers she uses.  She likes the option of moisturizing quickly with a spray lotion.  The smaller bottle on the far right is what she uses for her face only.  We have bought name brand Neutrogena many times but have found this Equate brand to work just as well.  I’ll be honest; I’m not sure if coconut oil is dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin but it works okay for her as a moisturizer.

My heart always goes out to those that have sensitive skin because there’s honestly nothing fun about it!  But finding a product line that works for you is key.  I hope that this’s been helpful to you if you’re on a product hunt for sensitive skincare items.


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