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September HOME Empties

I have a September Beauty Empties coming up for you but I thought it’d be interesting to share some empties in the home department.  I divided them into 2 categories: foods and regular home supplies.  Let’s start with foods:

Food Empties

Let me tell you a little about each of these.  We’ll start with the Hershey’s Spread and work our way around clockwise.  🙂

-Hershey’s Spreads in Chocolate: This delightful spread is almost like frosting but has a nut butter consistency.  You can enjoy it any way you like but we love to spread it on bagels.

-Great Value Donut Shop Blend K-cups: You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a good cup of coffee!  I love these K-cups as much or more than the name brand ones.

-Sweet Additions 0 Calorie Sweetener: If you’re a Splenda person then you need to give these a try.  They’re sold at Aldi and SOOO much cheaper than name brand Splenda.

-Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Kind Bar: Kind bars are amazing!  If you’ve never had one then you must pick a box up.  They’re made with ingredients you recognize and are very healthy for you so you can feel good about eating this snack.  There’re many good flavors but this’s one of my favorites.  It has the perfect mint chocolate flavor so you can give in to your craving without binging on high calorie ice cream.

-Werther’s Original Soft Caramels: Nobody does caramels like Werther’s!  These delicious little bits of goodness are a chewy taffy that also have a melt in your mouth consistency.  They sell them for $1 at the Walmart checkout and I get pulled in every time.  I tell myself I’m buying them for my husband but I end up having some too!

-True Lemon Peach Lemonade: All of the True Lemon mixers are great.  They’re only 10 calories and jazz up your water so you don’t get bored with it.  We go through these regularly at our house.

On to the true home goods:

Home Goods Empties

I’ll start with the Dry Mop Cloths and work my way around clockwise again.

-Dry Mop Cloths: You’ll notice there’s no brand name on this product.  That means it’s really cheap.  It’s a lot cheaper than the name brand Swiffer cloths and even somewhat cheaper than the Great Value version.  We have Vinyl floors all the way through our home so I have to Swiff over them quite frequently.  Once a week, when I mop, I do use name brand Swiffer cloths beforehand because they’re a little fluffier and seem to absorb a bit more dust and dirt into them.  But for daily, in-between going overs, I use a cheaper cloth.  It does the job and saves me money!

-Gain Fireworks Scent Booster: These lovely little pearls are to be thrown in your washer whenever you do laundry.  It’s very simple to use and your clothes come out smelling fresh and wonderful.

-Magic Sizing Ironing Spray: I’m not excellent when it comes to the art of ironing.  But I’ve found that a spray starch such as Magic Sizing can help iron the wrinkles away.  It also leaves a light linen fragrance behind.

-Tandil Lavender Dryer Sheets: I generally choose lavender fabric softener sheets and this one works well.  It has the light fragrance I’m searching for and is available for a lot less than name brand.  These are sold at Aldi and I always scoop one up whenever I get the chance to shop there.

-Scentsy Blueberry Cheesecake Wax Melts: My son got me these for my birthday and they smell so yummy!  I absolutely loved them!  I always go for scents that smell like something sweet you could eat so these were a perfect gift.

-Schwartz Research Growth & Shine Hair Vitamins: I’m sad to say these didn’t really work for me!  I had such high hopes.  😦  They had great reviews on Amazon but I couldn’t tell that my hair grew any faster than it usually does.  I even took pictures of my hair from month to month to compare.  I took them three months so I felt like I gave them a good opportunity to kick in and they just didn’t do much.  I won’t be repurchasing them.

There you go, peeps!  My home empties for the month of September.  Look for my blog post on September beauty empties which will be up very soon.





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