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A Mini Colour Pop Haul: Highlighters


This was my first time ordering from Colour Pop and I was quite impressed!

I was hooked from the time I opened the box.  My items were well wrapped in sheets of white foam and the interior of the box was quite pretty as you can see.  I wish I’d moved the purple brochure out of the way so you could see more of it!  But hopefully you can get a good idea of what it looked like.  The highlighter boxes were pretty, as well.

But the real magic happened when I opened them up.  Take a look at these dazzling beauties :

Lunch Money on top, Flexitarian on bottom


Aren’t they just breathtaking?!  I was captivated!  They’re a cream formula.  I applied them with my fingers but I’m sure you could use a brush if you prefer.  I’m so in love with them!

I’d been looking at the Anastasia Glow Kits – which look completely beautiful too- but they were a little out of my budget right now so I thought I’d give the Colour Pop highlighters a try.  And I was not disappointed in the least!  And at $8 each, it was MUCH cheaper.  Not to mention they were running a special deal where you got a free matte lippie for every $10 you spent.

Now for the swatches!  First, Lunch Money:


And now, Flexitarian:


They’re both beautiful but Flexitarian is my favorite.

Now, a picture wearing them.  I applied Flexitarian on the tops of my cheeks and just a bit on the top of my eyebrows then blended them in a C-shape to meet.

I’ve got second day hair here and I’m in my cleaning house clothes so don’t judge me!  But I do hope it gives you an example of what these highlighters can do.  I used a light hand but you could go for a far more dramatic effect if you wanted.

I’m so pleased with my Colour Pop purchase.  I have a feeling I’ll be shopping from there quite often in the future!  And here’s the link to Colour Pop so you can find your own fabulous products!





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