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Book Review: “Bloom” by Estee Lalonde

bloomSo this book came in the mail today…. and I read it today.  Yes, I powered through it in one day because I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down!  It’s a truly fabulous read.

But before I go into talking over the content, can I just gush over the cover a minute?  Isn’t it gorge?  The blue top banner perfectly complements Estee’s rust sweater.  🙂  It’s beautiful cover art.

Now, let’s dive in.  I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from this book (that I preordered long ago because I knew I had to have it!) but it far surpassed any expectations I had.  Sometimes books by beauty gurus are a little light on content and solely focused on beauty, which can be good, too.

But this book has depth.  Estee gets more real than ever before and shares so much of her past and the defining factors that’ve made her who she is.  She also shares life lessons she’s learned along the way.  I’ve always felt Estee was wise beyond her years and this confirms it.

There are some sections devoted to beauty and fashion but they aren’t the whole of the book.  They’re a lovely addition to an inspiring read.

While the book is somewhat geared toward readers in young adulthood finding their way and making their own path in life, it also held a lot of gold nuggets for me, a woman in my 30s.

I actually underlined portions and made some notes in places where I felt really touched, inspired or impressed.  And those were more than a few.  I know I’ll be reading this book again.

I’ve long followed Estee’s beauty blogs and vlogs with her sweet BF, Aslan but this book took it to another level.  If you’re a fan of Estee, you have to have this book.  If you don’t truly know much about her but you’re on the cusp of adulthood, making your way in the world or have been out in it quite a while, there’re things for you in this book.  Get to know her and you’ll love her!

Thank you for being so real and opening yet another layer to your fans, Estee.  Your book was touching and I know it will help so many in different phases and places in their lives.  ❤

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