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First Impressions Of Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick


Matte liquid  lipsticks are THE lipstick of the moment and I’ve been dying to try one.  Unable to resist any longer, I picked this one up on my last Walmart run.  I’d seen it this shade on Sam Schuerman and thought it was absolutely captivating.  Since I’m a blonde too, I thought it might work for me as well.

So here’re my first impressions.  🙂

I like the packaging.  It has an upscale feel and is easy to identify by feel in my purse.  It’s easy enough to apply although I did find that I needed to wipe a bit of excess off so it wouldn’t goop onto my lips.

It definitely has a matte finish but without being dry.  The formula is creamy.  I would almost say mousse-like.  It feels really nice on.  I love that I can press my lips together and feel like they’re moisturized.  It doesn’t seem to settle into the fine lines of my lips like other matte products do.


As far as color goes, it’s really pretty.  It’s a perfect, everyday pink.  It’s called Nude Flush but I don’t feel that really name fits the color well.  Regardless, I see myself getting lots of wear out of it in the future.

Have you jumped on the matte liquid lipstick kick?  Which ones are your favorites?




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