5 Tips For Shopping At Sephora Without Going Broke

sephora-bagSephora is a beautiful, magical place for beauty junkies.  But it can also be dangerous for your wallet.  Things like car payments and groceries begin to seem optional when you’re wandering the aisles, dreaming of how perfectly new makeup products would fit into your makeup collection.  What’s a girl to do?

Since I love to shop at Sephora but also have a budget to mind, I’ve discovered some tricks to help me get the most for my money.  These’re 5 ways to be a savvy shopper when it comes to the store we all love so much.

1. Become A Beauty Insider

Becoming a beauty insider offers you fabulous perks you don’t want to miss out on such as a free gift in your birthday month (which is usually pretty sweet) & a point program that rewards you with fab products the more you shop.  It’s completely free to sign up!

2. Take Advantage Of Double (Or Triple!) Points

Sometimes Sephora offers double points on all purchases.  You can score even higher points if you’re a very frequent shopper, making you a VIB or Rouge VIB.  I’ve not hit that level yet but I always watch for times I can double my points.  It’s a great time to stock up on all your must-have products and shop for gifts.  Make the most of double point time!

3. Don’t Go All In

It’s tempting to just scoop up full-size products and go.  A lot of times that works out perfectly well.  But if it’s a product you’re on the fence about and not sure how it’s going to work out for you, don’t go all in.  Buy a trial size or ask for a sample.  One of the many fabulous things about Sephora is that they’re very generous with samples.  Not only do you get to try before you buy but you save money.  And if you do buy a product and don’t love it, return it.  Don’t get stuck with something you don’t love!  Sephora has a very understanding return policy which will only make more devoted to them.

4. Gift Sets

Gift sets are so much fun!  You get to try several products and the price of each is greatly reduced when you do the math.  It’s a perfect time of year for gift set shopping, since there’s always a ton released when the holidays are upcoming.  Another idea to consider is splitting a gift set with your sister or a friend so you both get products you love at a fraction of the price.

5. Lastly, Don’t ALWAYS Shop At Sephora

Don’t misunderstand.  I LOVE Sephora but I don’t always shop there.  Sometimes there’s a more affordable way to get the makeup I want.  Sometimes this means shopping directly from a cosmetic company when they offer a deeply discounted sale.  It could mean shopping at Ulta if they’re featuring a beauty steal on the product I want.  Basically, comparison shop.  Sometimes Sephora is the best way to go and sometimes it isn’t.  If the cost is the same everywhere, I shop Sephora for the points perks.  But if there’s a better price elsewhere, that’s where I make my purchase.

How do you save on beauty products?  I’d love to learn from you!


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