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It’s Time To Let You In On A Secret….

IdMy new office and filming backdrop:


It’s time to let you in on a secret I’ve been keeping…. While blogging the last few weeks/months, I’ve also been preparing to start a YouTube channel.  This was something I thought about long and hard.  Did I really want to put myself out there that much?  Blogging was one thing but YouTube was completely another.

After a lot of thought, consideration (and a huge amount of encouragement from my husband) I took the leap.  So we’ve been busy turning our extra bedroom into an office with a filming backdrop.  I’ve also been busy reading and trying to learn how to film and have a successful YouTube channel.

I started my blog and now, my YouTube channel because I want to focus on positivity and sharing things with others to help them live “The Lovely Life”, too.  I’ve been through some personal things that made me determined to do my best to have a grateful and joyful heart and this is one way I can do that- by sharing things that I love and that make me happy with others, in hopes it will make them happy, as well.  Nope, it’s usually not earth-shattering information but it’s things that others may find helpful and enjoy.  (I hope).

Blogging and YouTube is a new, bright chapter in my life that I needed.  It’s brought me healing and happiness and I’m so thankful for those blessings.

The hardest part of the decision to do this was wondering what people that know me IRL might say.  But I finally came to the point I had to let that go and focus on the fact that at least I have the bravery to give this a try.  Some people have dreams yet they never venture out to try to make them a reality and at least I won’t be in that category.

“You only regret the chances you don’t take.” – Mark Twain

This adventure may not go anywhere- but maybe it will!

My husband has been my number one supporter, as he always is.  When I thought about backing out or changing my mind he encouraged me and believed in me and my ability to add something creative and unique to the online world.

I’m still not sure how all of this will work out in schedule format.  My (tentative) plan is to have either a new blog post or video up each weekday, allowing for the fact that sometimes life throws a kink in our plans.  I’ll link all my videos here to help keep things grouped together.

So, without further ado, I’ll add my first video here.  I was very nervous filming this video and it definitely shows but hopefully in time, I’ll learn to relax in front of the camera.


I’d love if you’d subscribe to my channel and follow along from the beginning.  ❤

I wish you all a lovely Monday!


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