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Review: The Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer

I was really excited to get this concealer.  I was expecting it to blow me away and make my dark circles look non-existent.

It was SADLY disappointing!

Not only did it NOT conceal my dark circles, it seemed to accentuate them.  😦  It made them look more purplish than they actually are.  Not what a girl wants!  And especially not for for $26!  (And side note, I ordered this concealer in Light 1.)

In addition to accentuating my dark circles, it was SO thick.  Normally that would be a good thing.  But it wasn’t easy to blend.  It was almost like a paste that won’t budge once applied.

I tried to love this concealer.  I wanted to quite badly, especially since this will make my second return to Sephora in 2 weeks.  I always feel such guilt when I return things, especially at Sephora.  They’ve always been very kind and gracious but I feel bad.  And I hate taking the time to return things.  Ugh!

So my quest for the perfect concealer continues.  I’ve currently ordered the Nars Radiant Concealer in Vanilla.  I’ve heard nothing but positive about it, including the fact that it’s a “Holy Grail” product for many women.  So, here’s to hoping!

What concealer works best for you when it comes to under eye circles?  I’d love to hear your secret!

***An update: After using this product for about 2 weeks since I wrote this post, I’ve became less frustrated with it.  It still doesn’t conceal my dark circles well but it works well as a brightener.  The key, I learned, is to color correct dark circles and then use this product to brighten the area.***

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