Learning To Love My Pale Skin

I’m the palest person I know.  I used to hate my skin tone.  I was teased in school about it which made me even more self-conscious than I already was.  But time has a way of changing things.  Gradually, I became more accepting of my natural skin tone.

And as the dangers of sun exposure and tanning became more prominent, pale skin began to be more accepted and is even somewhat ‘in’ now.  With this, I began to feel better about myself and embrace my pale skin…I even learned to love the fact that this is who I am.  Now, I wouldn’t want to have any other skin tone than the one I was born with.

It helped that I received some compliments along the way about my skin tone.  Those bolstered my confidence and helped me feel like I could be both pale and pretty.

I also learned how to dress in ways that flattered pale skin.  In case you’re also a fair-skinned sister who’s trying to figure out what colors work best for you, these’re 2 color palettes I gravitate toward most of the time.

Jewel tones and pastels:



I also lean more toward charcoal and black than browns when it comes to neutrals.  Basically, cool tones are my friend.  🙂

The point I want to make is to LOVE yourself!  We’re each unique creatures and everyone is beautiful in their own way.  I want women to love themselves.  Embrace who you are!  And once you do, discover how to feel beautiful in your skin.  Experiment with different colors and combinations to find what works for you!


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