Fine Hair Series: Glamorous Side Swept Curls

I’ve always thought side swept hair was elegant.  It puts me in mind of old Hollywood glamour.  It’s also a hairstyle that’s doable for fine hair.

Fine hair can be difficult to deal with.  I know that well!  But there’re some hairstyles that do work well with this hair texture.  I thought it’d be nice to have some blog posts on these hairstyles to help others dealing with fine hair.  I’m not a hair dresser so I won’t claim expert status in any way.  I can just share what’s working for me.  🙂

I started with hair that was curled with a 1 inch Hot Tools curling iron.  After spraying it with hairspray, I began to work my hair toward one side and secured it in place with 2 hair clips.  You could also use bobby pins.

I had my daughter take some pictures of the back of my hair to give you a visual of how this worked out:


And a couple she took just for fun that can give you another look at this hairstyle.  (Sorry for the cleavage flash- it’s a common problem for short girls!)


So that’s it.  It’s a simple hairstyle that’s easy to do.  I hope it’s gave you some hair inspiration!

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