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To Splurge Or Save: A Sensible Guide To Buying Makeup


To splurge or to save on makeup, that is the question.

And the answer is going to vary because it’s all about what works best for you.  But I’ll give you my insight on the subject, as a devoted and self-professed makeup addict.

I’m going to be completely honest with you.  I’ve bought makeup in all different price ranges.  Many times, what I bought depended upon how much money I had to spend.  When you’re on a budget, you make do with whatever you can afford.  I’ve absolutely been there! Keeping that in mind, these are just some points to consider.  There’re no true rules when it comes to makeup; it’s all about what works best for you. 🙂

Being in my late 30’s, I’ve worn makeup for many years and I’ve come to some strong opinions on what is and isn’t worth splurging on.  So here’re my thoughts.  I hope they’re helpful to you.  ❤


Foundation: SPURGE!  While I’ve found some drugstore foundations that worked okay for me (and I still wear them from time to time), the best foundations are generally high end.  The coverage is better and they seem so much easier to work with for me.  I’ve also experienced less caking with high end foundations.


Concealer: SPLURGE or SAVE!  I almost put splurge here but then I remembered that there have been a few drugstore concealers that stole my heart.  While I’ve typically had better luck out of high end concealers, it’s not hopeless to find a nice one if you’re on a budget.


Powder: SPLURGE or SAVE! Just like with concealers, I’ve found nice powders in all ranges of price.  I think it’s more about the finish you want powder to give you and there’re different finishes in both drugstore and high end.


Blush: SPLURGE!  I wore a lot of drugstore blushes before I finally broke down and bought some higher end blushes.  Once I tried them, I was hooked.  They’re so much more pigmented than what I’ve found in the drugstore and the color lasts all day long.  While I do still use some of my drugstore blushes, I only do so if it’s a day at home or I layer them under my more powerful blushes.  When I want a blush that lasts all day without disappearing or turning streaky, I go high end.


Highlighter: SPLURGE or SAVE!  I’m so in love with my Colour Pop highlighters and there’re super reasonable at $8 each!  And it’s a good sized container, too.  They don’t skimp on the product they give you.  So, I know you can absolutely find an amazing highlighter without spending a fortune.  That being said, there’re some completely mesmerizing highlighters on the high priced end.  I say go for the highlighter you love.


Eyebrow Product: SPLURGE!  I’m sad to say I’ve never found a cheap alternative when it comes to an eyebrow product.  The ones at the drugstore always come off a little orangey on me.  I’m a very fair skinned blonde so I need an eyebrow product with definite cool tones.  When I need a new eyebrow product, I head straight for Sephora.


Eyeshadow: SPLURGE!  Before I bought my first high end palette, I would’ve totally said save on this.  That’s because I didn’t know what I was missing!  Once I tried my first high end palette, which happened to be Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette, I was hooked.  There was no going back.  The feel of the eyeshadow was like butter and the pigmentation blew me away.  If I could only choose a few makeup items from the high end and the rest needed to be more budget friendly, a nice eyeshadow palette would defiantly be one of my few items from the high end side.


Eyeliner: SAVE!  I’ve never been able to tell much difference between a high end eyeliner and a lower end.  I’ve had good results out of both but since I go through eyeliner so quickly and it should be tossed after a few months (if it’s liquid), I can’t bring myself to pay more than drugstore price for it.


Mascara: SAVE!  I feel very strongly about this!  I’ve tried so many high end mascaras and they’ve all disappointed me.  I did love Benefit’s They’re Real mascara but I only got 2 weeks out of it and it started gooping and drying up.  Therefore, I’m back to my old faithful Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara which is totally fine because it’s one of the best I’ve ever used.  Additionally, mascara is something that needs to be replaced every 3 months so I hate to spend much on something I have to replace very regularly.


Lipliner: SPLURGE OR SAVE!  I’m completely satisfied with the lip liners I’ve been buying from Rimmel for years.  They stop lipstick from feathering and help accentuate the shape of my lips wonderfully.  They also have a nice color selection.  But I have to say I’ve used high end lip liners too, and been equally pleased with them.  Some of the high end liners I’ve used have had a longer life than the low end so I find myself buying both.


Lipstick: SPLURGE OR SAVE!  I’ll admit that I LOVE a MAC lipstick but I also would hate to give up my Revlon and Rimmel lippies.  I can find lipstick I love at practically any price range.  For this beauty product, I buy whatever shade catches my eye rather than a specific brand.

So that’s my take on where to spend and where to cut corners.  I’d love to hear what’s worthy of splurging to you and where you save!

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