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Morphe Brush Haul!

Have you tried any Morphe products yet?  I’ve quickly fallen in love with them.  After hearing some of my favorite beauty gurus rave over their brushes, I decided to try them for myself.  I desperately needed new brushes and the price point of these by Morphe was very affordable.  The price point of those I chose ranged between $2 & $10.

So let’s talk which brushes I purchased and how they’re preforming:



E36- This brush, known as the “Detail Crease” brush, is nice but I tend to use it more for my inner corner than my crease.

M321- The “Bullet Crease” is an awesome little brush.  (And it retails for a low $2.89!)  I use this for my crease and have found it to be fabulous!  I reach for it daily.

M433- This “Pro Firm Blending Brush” lives up to it’s hype.  It’s the tool you want when you’re blending.  It blends seamlessly without taking too much color away, a common problem with some blending brushes.

MB23- The “Round Blender” is one I actually use to apply highlighter in places where I don’t want a wide sweep of it.

B14- The “Deluxe Oval Shadow” is meant for your eyes, obviously.  But I don’t use it for that.  It’s too big for me to work with comfortably when it comes to eye makeup.  However, I love it for setting powder under my eyes.  It may be my favorite one of the bunch.THis

I also picked up this lovely little palette:



This palette ~named Mama Drama~ appears to have a lot of blue tones but it actually  leans more toward a gray color scheme.  I was a bit surprised by that but I still love it, especially the top two colors on the left.  They’re give me the look I’m most often attracted to when it comes to eye makeup: light and sparkly.  I know I’ll wear them often.

You can get these brushes, this palette and more at Morphe Brushes.  I hope you find some things you love!

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