You Might Be A Beauty Junkie IF…. (A Friday Funny)

blushHello, all!  This’s a little something I wrote that I thought others might find funny… but only because they can relate!  We beauty junkies are our own breed, wouldn’t you agree?  And no one can understand a beauty junkie like a fellow beauty junkie, right?

So here’re 10 funny but true signs you might be a beauty junkie:

  1. You choose your clothing after deciding what makeup you want to wear for the day.
  2. You spend the time you you’re waiting in lines evaluating how the women around you should wear their makeup.
  3. You feel no shame walking up to a complete stranger to ask them what shade of lipstick or what brand of foundation they’re wearing.
  4. You pray your Sephora packages arrive when your significant other isn’t home.
  5. Yes, you really do need 10 shades of pink blush.  Why is that a question?  And who calls blush shades something as basic as “pink”?
  6. Makeup storage is quickly becoming a problem.
  7. You can often identify a makeup product someone else is wearing even before they tell you.  From 20 foot away.
  8. There’s always, ALWAYS, another makeup product you’re wishing for.
  9. You can get lost for hours surfing through makeup boards on Pinterest.
  10. Putting your makeup on is one of your favorite times of the day.

I hope this has made you smile today!  Have a lovely weekend.  ❤

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