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Laundry Room Organization To Streamline Your Routine

One of the things those closest to me always say is that I’m organized.  I honestly don’t think I’m as organized as they think; I think it’s simply a matter of finding systems that make my life easier.  This is one example.

I’ve always been baffled by sorting laundry.  It seems like a needless chore and one I set out to eliminate as much as possible.  My thought process went something like this…”why sort laundry day after day to see if you have any that needs done?”  And so my laundry system was born.

Basically, I use a sorter that’s divided into three compartments.  Those compartments are for lights, darks and colors.  I have taught my family to sort their dirty laundry as they bring it to the laundry room.  Even when my children were small, I used this system.  At that time, I pinned signs on each compartment labeled with pictures to help them and then they could easily do it.  This system works beautifully for me!  With a quick glance, I can see if there’s any laundry that needs to be done that day.

The baskets in the floor are for towels, one for colored towels and one for white towels (and socks, etc. Things to be bleached.)


And I have a couple more organization tips from my actual ‘laundry station’.  See the little clear box on the shelf?  That’s where delicates go and things that need special attention.  That includes hand wash items or even items that have a stain.  My kids know to put their clothing there if they spill something on it so Mom can deal with it.

There’s also a system for my hangers…. we live in a very rural area in Kentucky.  My guys get dirty.  They both have an interest in the outdoors and mechanical work.  (There’s a separate basket for the guys work clothes that isn’t pictured.)  After being washed, work clothes go on wire hangers and good clothes go on plastic hangers.  This prevents the issue of “oh sorry babe, I didn’t notice I was wearing dress jeans when I went to the garage.”  Their clothes are carefully separated and life is easy for all of us.  And my husband and son love not having to worry over getting the wrong clothes dirty.

Another advantage to my laundry system is that if I’m gone and ask my husband to throw a load in, he can see exactly what I want washed.

My system won’t work for everyone, of course.  We all have our own way of doing things.  But this does work really well for me and I hoped that it might help some of you as well.

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