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Finding Makeup Organization That Works For You

Disorganized makeup can be a hassle.  You can’t easily reach for your favorite concealer when it’s buried under a mountain of products.  My makeup was really getting out of hand in terms of organization.  A makeup drawer just wasn’t working anymore. (See below)

So, I knew I needed to get a better system going.  After some thought (and some shopping!) here’s what I came up with.

The drawer houses my palettes and a few odd products nicely.  I used an old pink tray to put my blushes & bronzers in.  My lipsticks are tucked into an organizer specifically for them.  I have a few more that need a home and I’ve ordered another lipstick organizer to take care of that.  A mug I painted at a local pottery place houses my brushes and a round makeup organizer catches everything else- liners, mascara, primers and even foundation.  Here’s a few pictures closer up.

I’ll link the vanity and organizers below in case you’re interested.  🙂

Vanity can be purchased at Amazon.

Lipstick organizer can be purchased at Amazon.

Circular makeup organizer can be purchased at Amazon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my makeup organization.  I’d love to hear how you organizer yours!  Please comment below and tell me about it!

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