3 Tips To Help You Drink More Water

Water is so important for your health.  It’s the best beverage for your kidneys as well as helping you have a healthy weight and clearer skin.

Are you getting your daily 8?  It’s not easy to do.  You get busy in your day or find yourself reaching for one more cup of coffee or diet soda.

I’ve always tried to drink enough water each day although I have days I fall short, too.  But I’ve found there’re some things that help me reach my goal of 8 glasses a day..

First of all, buy a brand of water you like.  Not all brands are equal, in my opinion.  Different brands have different tastes.  Choose whatever you like best.  Dasani and SmartWater are my favorite.  I buy Dasani by the case and buy SmartWater when I’m out and want to treat myself, since it’s a little pricier.


Secondly, add a mixer when you’re bored with your water.  True Lemon is my favorite brand but there’re many other brands you can choose from. It’s really simple to use;  simply add a packet to a bottle of water and shake.  It’s a nice alternative when you’re tempted to grab a soda or tea and easy to stick in your purse to take when you’re going out.


Lastly, download an app that allows you to track your water.  There’re several to choose from and many of them are free.  You can also track your water through the Fitbit app.  Tracking your water will let you see how much you’re really drinking each day.  It can be eye-opening to see how much you are (or aren’t) drinking.  You can even set reminders to help you make sure you’re drinking water regularly throughout your day.


What tricks do you use to help you drink enough water?

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