Saving Money

Steals And Deals To Shop For NOW!

It’s December 26th and that means there’re tons of deals to be found.  I love getting a good deal on anything.  After all, the more you save, the further your money will stretch for more goodies.  🙂

So what should you be on the lookout for?  First and foremost, clearance on Christmas items such as décor, wrapping supplies, cards and even candy.  My daughter and I are spending the morning hitting Walmart to scoop up some goodies for next Christmas before they get picked over.

Winter clothing and accessories also take a dive in price after Christmas.  Stores are already moving forward into spring when Christmas is over and they want to push their winter merchandise out so they slash the price.  The good thing about shopping for a coat or other winter items now is that you still have lots of time to enjoy your purchase.

And… it’s time for some of the best sales of the year: semi-annual sales!  I’m sure numerous stores have them but two that immediately come to my mind are Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.  You can get items at practically half the price they were last week.  Crazy, isn’t it?  It’s the perfect time to stock up.

And if you need an extra blanket to keep warm this winter, January is known for having white sales so scoop up all the linens and other goodies along that line you need for your home.

Happy Shopping!

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