Savor The Special Moments In Your Day

We all have moments in our day that we enjoy and look forward to.  But life can get so busy we forget to savor them like we should.  This’s a good time of year to slow down and reflect on all the blessings, both large and small, in your life.  Make a conscious effort to enjoy every beautiful moment in your day.

These are a few thing that I treasure in each day:

  • Having my morning coffee and taking in the quiet of early morning.
  • Reading a devotional that feels like it was written especially for me.
  • Hearing my children laugh.
  • Seeing my children hug each other goodnight.
  • Those sweet moments when I can steal a hug from them. 
  • The phone call from my husband telling me he’s on his way home.
  • Cuddling up with my husband at the end of the day, him watching something on tv while I read by his side.

What are the special moments in your day?  Whatever they are, I hope you take time to treasure them even more in 2017.

Happy New Year, my lovelies!

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