Teeth Whitening Tips To Keep Your Smile Bright

I don’t have the most beautiful or whitest teeth in the world.  But I do get quite a few compliments on my teeth and thought it might be helpful if I share what I do to achieve the level of whiteness I have and how I maintain that in between treatments.


I use Crest White Strips.  Simple, easy and been around forever.  I try to use them every 6 months but sometimes it’s longer than that in between times.  I use the classic formula.  Any of them can cause sensitivity but the advanced formulas are really bad about that-I have tried them before.  Crest White Strips are really easy to apply and use.  It doesn’t take too terribly long and you just brush your teeth afterward and go on with your day.  I try to be vigilant about using a fluoride treatment such as ACT when I’m bleaching my teeth because it helps with the sensitivity.

In between whitening treatments, I try to keep the results going by using a whitening toothpaste once a day.  The other times I brush I use a prescription toothpaste with extra fluoride or a toothpaste for sensitivity.

Crest 3D White has been one I’ve done particularly well with.  It works fabulously at extending your teeth whitening treatment although it can cause sensitivity.

I’ve had more sensitivity off and on in the last few years so I’ve also tried Sensodyne’s True White.  It feels wonderful on your teeth, has a nice flavor and does an okay job of helping with whitening but not as much so as the Crest 3D White but that’s honestly to be expected since it’s formulated to be mild.

I just bought Colgate’s Optic White so I can’t give you a review on it yet.  I have read a lot of positive reviews so I’m hopeful.  If it’s too strong for my teeth, I have no problem going back to the Sensodyne, though.

I’m not even going to pretend I’m not a coffee drinker because I am.  I usually have 1-2 cups a day.  Sometimes I drink it iced, especially in the summer so it kind of bypasses staining my teeth when I drink it that way because I’m drinking from a straw.  I don’t drink wine or smoke.  I do drink a lot of water and brush 2-3 times a day.

I also make it a priority to keep my twice yearly dental checkups and cleanups.  I don’t love going but I know it’s important for the health of my teeth and also helps keep them looking their best.

I hope this has been helpful to you.  If you’d like to share your teeth whitening tips, I’d love to hear them!  I’m always open to hearing new ideas and learning from others!  🙂

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