Rave Or Regret: Wet n’Wild Mega Last Nail Polish

Good Morning, Lovelies! And Happy Valentines Day!

I have a ‘rave or regret’ for you in blog form today.  I thought this specific product might be best presented in blog form so I could show you pictures throughout the days as I wore the polish.

The claim is that Wet n’Wild Mega Last nail polish will give you 5 days wear without chipping.  So how did it stack up?  Let me show you.

So, the Mega Last nail polish didn’t give me 5 days of chip free wear.  BUT- I do want to point out that I think I could’ve made it 5 days with this nail polish *if* I had made minor touch-ups.  But for the purpose of this experiment, I didn’t do that.

Final thoughts:

Pros: The Mega Last nail polish from Wet n’Wild is a fair nail polish, better than I expected it to be.  It’s very reasonable (.99-1.99) if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend a lot on your nail polish.  They also have a nice color selection.  Additionally, the Ninja Lovelace that I tried had glitter in it but wasn’t difficult to remove like so many glitter polishes are.

Cons: It does require some touch-ups to be chip free.  It’s not quite the quality you’re going to get with Essie or Opi.

What’re your thoughts?  What nail polish brands do you love?

I also thought of reviewing the Wet n’Wild gel nail polish line. Leave me a comment below if you’d be interested in that.



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