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My Decision To Go Cruelty Free

I’ve been keeping a secret from you and honestly planned to keep it quiet a while longer but that’s difficult to do since I share practically every purchase and repurchase I make with you.

I’m going cruelty free.

You may want to grab a cup of coffee; this’s going to be a long post.  Go on, I’ll wait.  😉

Cruelty free makeup wasn’t something I ever really gave thought to until recently.  Like most people, I wasn’t in favor of makeup that was tested on animals; I just never really considered it.  I bought whatever makeup I wished and went on with my day.

Two major factors contributed to my decision to go cruelty free.  First of all, my daughter made a decision to go cruelty free.  And in so doing, she learned a lot of information about animal testing and started sharing that info with me.  I honestly had no idea what animal testing involved until I started researching it.  I’ll leave you to do your own research but I will say, it’s ugly and sad.

The second factor that came into play was that I became a ‘cat mom’.  My family had a couple of pets growing up but they were always outdoors and since I had severe allergies, the amount of time I spent with them was minimal.  Therefore, I never truly bonded with an animal…until now.

We recently ‘inherited’ a litter of kittens. (Gave a stray pregnant momma cat shelter and food and then inherited the kittens.)  We found homes for all but two, which we decided to keep.  Because it was late fall when they were born, we didn’t have the heart to leave them outdoors so they became our indoor pets.  And I bonded with my little Lolo and now she follows me everywhere and naps by me.  *Insert sigh of happiness*

So with the information of animal testing fresh in my mind and the love for our two kittens fresh in my heart, I couldn’t in good conscience continue to purchase makeup that’s tested on animals.  I feel sick when I think of how animals are made to suffer for beauty and makeup.  And it’s NOT necessary.  Cosmetics can absolutely be made without doing animal testing.

A number of companies have stopped testing in the United States but still test in order to be able to sell in other countries, mainly China.  So, they’re not truly cruelty fee. Still other companies have went completely cruelty free, choosing not to market their products in countries where animal testing is required.  Those are the companies I want to purchase my makeup and beauty products from.

I honestly don’t want to stop shopping from some of my favorite brands.  But I can’t continue to do so when I know what they do to innocent animals.  You vote with your money.  Wherever my money goes is where my support goes.

I am going to continue to use up what products I already have, regardless of the brand.  To not do so would be wasteful.  You will also see a few new non-cruelty free products featured on my blog in the upcoming weeks that were purchased before my decision.  Some videos were filmed and scheduled prior to my decision to go cruelty free.  However, in time, you will see things transitioning more and more into a cruelty free blog and channel.

This is a HUGE deal for me.  I’m very passionate about makeup and it’s a big part of my life.  And there are a few special items I’m going to have a really hard time not repurchasing.  Those are my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, my 3 favorite mascaras (Lancôme Hypnose Drama, L’Oréal Butterfly & Maybelline Lash Sensational), my Essie nail polishes and my lipliners and eyeliners by Rimmel.  I love all of those so much and can’t imagine finding a replacement I love as much as I love them.  So if you know of a fabulous product that’s similar to those I mentioned that’s cruelty free, please share that information with me!  Or if you just have a holy grail fave that’s cruelty free, give a girl a hand! I’m a serious hunt for dupes here people!

And I’m sure I won’t be perfect at this at first.  There’s a lot of research to finding out who truly is and isn’t cruelty free.  And until I find a perfect dupe, there may be a certain product I continue to buy in the meantime.  I may even give in to temptation and purchase a product on occasion that I can’t resist.  (I’ll really try not to!) My goal for this year is to buy at least 75% cruelty free.  Hopefully, that will soon become 100% but I’m giving myself some grace and a transition period.  But each cruelty free purchase made is one that makes animals safer. A slow transition is better than none, right?

Also, my first goal is to go cruelty free in makeup and skincare and then eventually include body care and hair products. So this may take some time.  I’m just going to do the best I can.  I also live in a very rural area where ‘cruelty-free’ options aren’t always easily available.  The nearest Ulta and Target are in the next state over.  I have a Walmart about 20 miles away and that’s as good as it gets so my options are LIMITED.  I do shop online a lot so that helps.

I’m also going to concentrate on individual brands and not base my decision the parent company.  For example, Too Faced is cruelty free but their parent company is not.  But for me, the fact that the items I’m buy from Too Faced are cruelty free is enough.  This is something each person going cruelty free will have to decide on their own.

I hope you’ll wish me luck on this new venture and be supportive of it.  It may take me some time to get it right so your patience is requested!

If you’re interested in learning more about which brands are and aren’t cruelty free, I’ve found a lot of helpful information at Cruelty Free Kitty.  There’re also a lot of helpful pins on Pinterest to help you keep track of what brands are and aren’t cruelty free.  If you’re feeling confused though, the best thing to do is go directly to a brand’s website and read the fine print for yourself.

If you’re still reading, I love you for it!  Thank you for your sweet support!  If you’re cruelty free, I’d love to hear from you.  Your tips, advice & comments are welcome.  (Just please keep it kind.)   And if you’re not cruelty free, I’d love to hear from you!  Your comments are always welcome.

PS- Since I’m letting this post go live now before I lose my nerve, I’m going to let it count for Wednesday’s post this week.  So, you’ll get new posts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday this week then next week will be back to my regular M-F schedule. 







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