Waxing vs Threading: Which Is Best?

Let’s talk brow maintenance today.  It’s not the most fun activity but a necessary one.  There’re basically three ways of maintaining your brows: Tweezing, Waxing & Threading.  While tweezing is helpful and important, it’s usually best for in between brow appointments instead of in place of.  There’re some individuals that can entirely maintain their brows through tweezing but it’s a small percentage.

So that brings us to the great debate.  Waxing or threading, which is best?  Let me point out some pros and cons of each.

Waxing involves having wax applied to the unwanted hairs in your brow area and removing the strip over the wax very quickly.  What’s good about this option?  Well, the pain is over quickly and the cost is generally less than threading.  The price is going to vary depending on where you live, but for me, it’s $5.  Waxing is harsher on your skin than threading, leaving almost everyone with redness and for those with sensitive skin, sometimes irritation and a breakout the following week.

Threading is a process of having your unwanted hair removed by strands of threads weaving back and forth, catching and removing hairs individually.  The pain is less than waxing but takes a little longer.  I find it completely tolerable.  It’s more of an aggravation than anything.  It’s much gentler on the skin than waxing.  I also think the end result is a prettier brow shape.  On the negative side, it’s a little more expensive, costing me $8 in my area of the country.

Both methods of brow maintenance generally last 6-8 weeks with touchups with your tweezers in between.

It’s a personal decision but my opinion is that threading is far superior to waxing.  I love having my brows threaded and always leave the salon with a confidence boost.

How do you maintain your brows?  I’d love to hear from you!

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