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3 Cruelty Free Brands Of Hair Products I Already Love

Going cruelty free is proving to be quite an adventure but I’m truly enjoying it.  There’s a lot of research involved in discovering which products are and aren’t cruelty free.  I’ve had a lot of happy moments when I would discover that a brand I already loved was cruelty free.  Three of those brands were hair product brands I already loved.  Let me share them with you.


healthy sexy hair

“Healthy Sexy Hair”

I LOVE this brand of hair products!  I’m hooked on their leave in conditioner and hairspray.  In fact, their hairspray has became my absolute favorite on earth.  I’m talking Holy GRAIL status!  It offers hold but without freezing your hair which is something I hate in a hairspray.  I’m really excited to try other hair products in this line.  I plan on this being my next shampoo & conditioner purchase.

it's a 10

“It’s A 10”

I’ve been using the leave in conditioner and miracle hair mask for quite a while now and really like both.  They make your hair so soft and silky.  I’m really excited to branch out and try more products from this line.

not your mother's

“Not Your Mother’s”

And lastly, a drugstore brand!  I was really excited to find out this brand is cruelty free.  I’ve been hooked on their dry shampoo for awhile now.  I also like their hairspray and recently purchased a shampoo and conditioner in this brand but I haven’t tried it out yet.  However, if it performs as well as the other products in this brand, it’ll be great!  And curly haired girls, there’re products that’ll work for you in this brand too.  My daughter has naturally curly hair and loves their Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray and Kinky Moves Curl Cream.

Have you tried any of these brands?  What’s your favorite product by them?

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