Why I Quit Bra Shopping At Victoria’s Secret & Where I Shop Now

For years, I was a devoted Victoria’s Secret shopper.  I bought my bras there and nowhere else. And I honestly loved them!  The quality was great and the bras did everything they were supposed to do- lift, lock and support.  But then… a couple years ago, I noticed the quality slipping.  I bought two bras and had to return them both for tearing in the fabric within weeks of my initial purchase.  I just didn’t feel I was getting what I was paying for.  I still love Victoria’s Secret for many other items: panties, body care, clothing and sleepwear.  But I decided to shop elsewhere when I needed bras.

Luckily, I didn’t have to look long to find a shop that sold fabulous bras.  Being the mother of a teenage girl, I was very familiar with both American Eagle and Aerie, a spinoff brand of American Eagle specializing in intimates and sleepwear.


At first, I felt a little odd shopping for bras at what was commonly thought of as a teen and young woman’s store.  But after I experienced the quality of bras I found there, I could have cared less!  Their bras were absolutely fabulous!  They fit beautifully, gave the me the support I needed and were unbelievably comfortable.  Shocking, I know! Best of all, they’re a lot cheaper than Victoria’s Secret and almost always have some sort of sale going on.  I’ve gotten several of mine for around $20 which, as you know, is a great price for bras!

I’ve been buying Aerie bras exclusively for well over a year now and I’ve tried many styles but my absolute favorites are the “Hannah” and the “Sunnie.”

aerie hannahThe “Hannah” is a t shirt bra, an everyday, simple cotton bra that wears and washes fabulously.  This is perfect for everyday.  It’s also incredibly comfortable.

aerie sunnie

The “Sunnie” is a bra that’s a touch fancier- in my opinion.  It’s satin and honestly looks beautiful under clothing.  Of course, a lot of that has to do with the right fit of a bra, but if you’re in the right size, this bra is wonderful.  I’ve worn mine so many times and it’s still in beautiful condition.

Aerie has many different styles- and variations within each.  Lace, cotton, satin, etc.  Additionally, they also offer push-up and non-push up as well as strapless and sports bras.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for bras?  Have you tried Aerie bras yet?  I’d love to hear from you!


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