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Tips For Building Your Makeup Collection Up (On The Cheap)

I’ve always been a makeup junkie.  I’m mesmerized by the way makeup can enhance your features and honestly, just provide hours of fun.  It’s true that I buy a bit more makeup now that I’m a beauty blogger but I’ve always had an interest in trying different products and expanding my makeup collection.

Not everyone needs or wants a large makeup collection.  You may be totally content with finding a few basic products that really work for you and that’s okay.

But if you ARE interested in building up your makeup collection, these are some ways I’ve built mine up (on the cheap).

  • I comparison shop.  Before I purchase any makeup product, I compare prices and go for the best deal.  It may mean only saving a few dollars here or there but that can add up.  And that’s more money to buy more makeup!  🙂
  • I use promo codes when I shop online for a discounted price.
  • I collect my points up at Sephora and redeem them for free products.  It’s really easy to do this- simply sign up to be a beauty insider.
  • I often use money I receive as gifts to purchase makeup.
  • I always take free samples when they’re offered.  They extend your makeup!
  • I sometimes purchase makeup in small sizes to see if I like it before investing in the larger size.
  • When a product doesn’t work and I don’t return it for some reason, I pass it on to my sister, my sister-in-law or my daughter and they do the same.  So it’s a trade system that benefits us all.
  • I shop both drugstore and high end.  I’ve found fabulous products across the board.

I hope these tips are helpful to you in building up your makeup collection.  What’s the latest addition to your makeup collection?  I just bought the Physician’s Formula Butter Blush in Plum Rose!




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